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Steve's Medivac Adventure
Steve's Medivac Adventure
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I fell while clearng trail with my friend and colleague, Rich Tenaza, at Cleary Preserve in Napa County, California, and broke my neck. Dressed for a day hike, we spent a very cold night. Rich hiked out to get help the next morning. A great mountain rescue team made up of men from several agencies found me some 13 hours after I broke my spine, and evacuated me by helicopter. Had Rich not been with me, I don't know when, or if, anyone might have found me. He definitely saved my life. He also photographed my misadventure.

Oops! That last step was a mistake!
It's been a long day's night ... and damn COLD!
Here come the rescuers.
"Let's talk this over."
This hike may take a while!
Hey! Someone finally found me... 13 hours after I broke my spine.
Cutting my vest off.
When I emerge from this cocoon, I hope to be a butterfly!
"We can bring the cable right through here."
"I think I hear something."
Snug as a bug.
CHP chopper in the distance
CHP riding to the rescue.
I think my ride's here!
Up, up, and away!
Hey! Easy does it!
"Well, there he goes; let's pray he makes it!"
A week in hospital like this? I think not fun!
Hard neck brace before surgery
Soft neck brace after surgery
Free at last, free at last!